Red Star Mattress &

Upholstery Co., Inc.


IF IT CAN BE UPHOLSTERED, I CAN DO IT.  Furniture upholstering includes, and not limited to, new and antique sofas and chairs.  I also do upholstering for campers, boats, office furniture and odds & ends.  Bring your own material or browse through the many books of beautiful fabric in the store.

I also make custom mattresses for boats, campers, and antique beds.  Custom fitted sheets, too.  If you need carpet binding, then come see me, Maria.

Whatever the work, I do it as though I was doing it for myself.  Many people have been satisfied and happy through the years as many customers have recommended Maria's Red Star Mattress & Upholstery to others.

Looking forward to meeting you soon at
Maria's Red Star Mattress & Upholstery.


Maria's Red Star Mattress & Upholstery Co., Inc.

4012 Mendon Road

Rte. 122

Cumberland, RI  0286


Fax:  401-658-1058

About Maria

Red Star Mattress & Upholstery was established in 1929, during the depression, by Alderic Beaudoin and his wife, Diane.  As a young man, his son, Leo J. Beaudoin, Sr. was by his father's side and took over the business after his father's death.  Leo worked very had making mattresses and doing upholstering, perfected the busineess and made the company very well known for quality work at reasonable prices.

I began working for Mr. Beaudoin at Red Star Mattress & Upholstery in 1973 part time; full time in 1977.  I liked his work and the way he treated his customers.  Mr. Beaudeoin was my mentor and taught me everything pertaining to the business.  I took over the business after his passing and have been operating as Maria's Red Star Mattress & Upholstery since 1995.    

Serving The RI And Nearby MA Areas For Over 80Years